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Gastronomic trip to Madagascar

Madagascar attire chaque année une multitude de touristes. Cette grande île située en plein océan indien, offre une expérience inoubliable à ses visiteurs. Madagascar regorge d’une multitude de magnifiques paysages, de faune et de flore uniques au monde et d’un mélange de culture et de peuples.

Partez à la découverte des paysages à couper le souffle de Madagascar

Madagascar is home to beautiful landscapes to visit as :

  • The park of Ranomafana, ideal for hiking.
  • The park of andasibe-Mantadia, where you can observe lemurs.
  • The park of the indri located in full tropical forest.

Les parcs nationaux de Madagascar, ainsi que ses différentes villes comme Tananarive, en font une destination déco-tourisme et de voyage rêvée.

La gastronomie malgache, une cuisine riche et savoureuse

Madagascar has been influenced by the cultures of Asia, Africa and India. This is what makes its culture rich and its gastronomy very diversified. The Malagasy cuisine, tasty and spicy, gathers the multiple culinary traditions of Madagascar. Malagasy meals are mainly composed of rice, called "vary" and the main dish composed of meat or fish.

Among the traditional culinary dishes of Madagascar, there is the Romazava and the Ravitoto which are national dishes of the country.

To visit Madagascar is also to experience a rich and unforgettable gastronomic journey.


Known as Diego-Suarez, the city of Antsiranana is the largest bay in the world after Rio. This port city is located in the north of Madagascar. Antsiranana is a dream destination for many travelers. The city is full of breathtaking natural landscapes, including the paradisiacal beach of Ramena. A stay that promises unforgettable memories. There are several restaurants in Antsiranana where you can discover Malagasy flavors and aromas. The city is also famous for its peppers and for its vanilla.


Located in the southeast of Madagascar, the city of Tolagnaro also called Fort Dauphin is full of history. Many sites and historical monuments of the colonial time are to be visited such as: Sainte Luce, the Fort-Flacourt, the museum of Anosy or the Fort-Flacourt. Tolagnaro abounds in natural reserves rich in fauna and flora. Among the typical culinary dishes to be tasted in the city of Tolagnaro, there are the zebu, the romazava and the sambossa. The mofo akondro is also a very appreciated dessert in Tolagnaro.


Tulear also called Toliara which means sunbeam in Malagasy is a city located in the south of the islandisland. One of the most paradisiacal places of the city is without doubt the beach of Tulear. This beach attracts many visitors. Festivals and multiple activities are organized there. Tulear abounds in gastronomic restaurants where you can discover typical culinary dishes of Madagascar, ideal for the amateurs of gastronomy.


Majunga is a port city also called city of flowers in Madagascar. Majunga is a cultural city which offers sublime natural landscapes, the baobab is the emblem of the city. One of the most beautiful places to visit in the city of Majunga is undoubtedly La Crique Rouge. It is possible to make multiple maritime and terrestrial activities in the city, what to spend a memorable tourist stay. In terms of gastronomy, there is plenty to enjoy in Majunga, several dishes and Malagasy culinary specialties are to discover in the popular cuisine of the region.

Culinary specialties of Madagascar

Shrimp scampi

Shrimp scampi is a traditional Malagasy culinary dish made of large shrimp cooked with olive oil. This spicy and colorful dish is rich and tasty.


The Hen'omby ritra dish is very popular in Madagascar. This culinary specialty consists of Zebu cooked in the Malagasy way. This dish is very simple and easy to prepare.


The Koba

This dessert is very appreciated by the Malagasy people. This culinary specialty of Madagascar is prepared with rice and pistachio. The whole is wrapped in banana leaves.

mofo mangahazo

the mofo mangahazo is a manioc fritter. This culinary recipe is typically Malagasy. These fritters are golden and crispy on the outside and are perfect for a snack.

Malagasy coconut fish

Coco fish is a dish commonly prepared in the northern cuisine of Madagascar. This dish is ideal to give taste to the fish and to test new associations of flavors.

The ravitoto

Ravitoto is a traditional Malagasy recipe prepared with crushed cassava, pork and garlic. This culinary dish is accompanied by rice.

The romazava

Traditional dish among the most famous of the Malagasy gastronomy, the romazava is made with meat and brèdes. This culinary dish reminds the pot au feu.

Malagasy Chinese Soup

This Malagasy soup of Chinese origin is a real treat, ideal to warm up during winter. The recipe for this Malagasy culinary specialty is easy.

Vary’amin anana

This traditional culinary specialty is typically Malagasy. This rice soup is prepared with brèdes. It is as famous in Madagascar as paella in Spain.


Village Diego

Located in the city of Antsiranana in Madagascar. The village of Diego is a very warm hotel with a friendly restaurant and bar.  


Talinjoo Hôtel

The Talinjoo hotel restaurant is located in Tolagnaro. You can enjoy tasty Malagasy dishes while contemplating the ocean view.


La Maison

Restaurant located in the heart of the city of Tulear is friendly and very warm. It offers on the menu different Malagasy culinary dishes. 

Restaurant Gourmand Coco Lodge

This restaurant located in Majunga, right in the center of town, is relaxed with a friendly atmosphere. It proposes typical dishes of the region of Madagascar.

Formalités d’entrée à Madagascar

Réussissez votre voyage gastronomique à Madagascar avec les meilleurs prestataires…

Pour faire un voyage gastronomique à Madagascar, la plupart des étrangers doivent faire une demande de visa. Le passeport doit alors être valide 6 mois après la date d’arriver et disposer de 3 pages vierges minimum dont 2 face à face.

Les documents à fournir :

  • Le passeport original ;
  • Scan de la page d’identité du passeport ;
  • Formulaire d’ambassade (2 exemplaires) ;
  • Le billet d’avion aller-retour ;
  • 2 photos d’identité en couleur.

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