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Gastronomic journey in China

Traveling to China is to discover a vast and ancient culture. Indeed, China is considered to be one of the largest and most ancient civilizations in the world.

Voyager en Chine et découvrir ses célèbres paysages et monuments

To organize a trip to China is to offer yourself a seductive escapade between history, traditions and modernity. Visit futuristic cities and skyscrapers and ancestral villages. Mixing impressive megacities and imperial vestiges. Among the fascinating places not to be missed during your trip to China, there are :

  • The Great Wall of China,
  • The forbidden city,
  • The caves of Longmen,
  • The imperial city of Xi'an.

Culture et gastronomie chinoise

China is also famous for its gastronomy, tea culture, medicine, calligraphy and festivals, etc. There are more than a hundred ethnic groups each with their own culture in China.

If there is another reason to travel to China, it is undoubtedly to discover the authentic gastronomy of the country. Chinese culinary specialties are very diversified and cover many foods. You just have to take your chopsticks and discover new and unexpected flavors.



Located in the south of China, the city of Guilin is famous for its exceptional natural landscapes of hills and lakes: Shanhu and Ronghu. Visiting Guilin is also an opportunity to make an unusual gastronomic trip. The inhabitants of Guilin are fond of sour dishes. The local cuisine is made of rice and bamboo shoots. One of the most famous culinary specialties of the city is the Guilin sauce which mixes chilli, soy and garlic. The restaurants and bars are very lively at night.

Hong Kong

Located in the southeast of China, Hong Kong is a very lively city filled with skyscrapers. This former British colony is home to many monuments such as the Bank of China tower. Hong Kong is also famous for being a shopping city. The majority of the city's inhabitants are of Cantonese origin, so it is the Cantonese culinary specialties that we find the most in Hong Kong, we can enjoy traditional dishes such as: eggesttes, Pineapple Buns or stinky tofu.



Beijing is the capital of China. This city has more than 3 thousand years of history. It is as famous for its ancient tourist sites such as the imperial palace of the Forbidden City or the Tian Anmen Palace as for its modern style and architecture. Beijing's traditional cuisine is internationally renowned. Among the culinary dishes of the city, there is the unavoidable Peking duck. Beijing's cuisine is famous as jing (tangerine cuisine).


Located on the coast of the country, Shanghai is the largest city in China. It is home to a multitude of monuments from colonial times and modern times. Among the most famous places to visit in Shanghai, there is the Bund, where you can walk and visit the buildings of the colonial era, the Shanghai Tower which is more than 600 m high, the Yuyuan Garden and many others. Shanghai is also famous for its gastronomy and its traditional culinary dishes such as the famous soup dumplings, steamed crab, beggar chicken or braised pork. Shanghai has everything to please.

Gastronomic recipes from China

Peking duck

Peking duck or Peking duck is a culinary specialty of Beijing. This recipe is a symbol of Chinese gastronomy. The meat of the duck is lacquered and then roasted for several hours.

The kawap

Les kawap ou chuan chuan sont des brochettes d’agneau très apprécié en Chine. Elles sont particulièrement consommées au nord. Épicées puis grillées au barbecue, ces brochettes sont un vrai régal.

Knife noodles

Knife noodle soup is a staple meal in China. This broth is made by simmering dried anchovies and herring. This hot soup is ideal in winter. It is nutritious and tasty.

Les nouilles Liang Pi

Les nouilles Liang Pi est un plat culinaire traditionnel de la région de Shaanxi. Cette recette à base de blé ou de riz est appréciée partout en Chine.

Soniac Chinese noodles

Here is a recipe of fried noodles that comes straight from China. This culinary dish is simple to make, ideal for a quick dinner after a long day.

Hong Shao Pork

Le Porc Hong Shao est un plat traditionnel chinois généralement préparé pour célébrer la fête du nouvel an chinois. La viande est cuite lentement avec de la sauce soja, un vrai régal.

Chinese ravioli

Le plat culinaire des raviolis cuits à la vapeur est un plat emblématique de Chine. Savoureux, tendres et nutritifs, les pasta are perfect to vary the pleasure.

Cantonese rice

Le riz cantonais est un plat culinaire chinois très apprécié par les étrangers. Cette recette est très simple à réaliser. Elle se compose de riz sauté accompagné de jambon d’œuf de crevettes.

Chinese vermicelli soup

Vermicelli soup is a great classic of Chinese gastronomic traditions. This culinary specialty is ideal to warm up during the cold winter days.


Guilin Conjee Restaurant

This gourmet restaurant located in Guilin, China offers a variety of culinary dishes and local specialties.


Celestial Court Chinese

This restaurant located in Hong Kong, China offers Cantonese cuisine. Chic and luxurious, the personal service is good.


Little Yunnan

Gourmet restaurant located in Beijing, China. It offers excellent traditional dishes to share.


Xindalu China Kitchen

situé à Shangai, en Chine, ce restaurant chic et distingué propose au menu de la gastronomie chinoise raffinée.

Formalités d’entrée en Chine

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