Gastronomic trip to Mexico

La gastronomie Mexicaine est célèbre pour ses traditions et ses saveurs dans le monde. Chaque plat mexicain est une explosion de saveurs. Colorées et dynamiques, les spécialités culinaires Mexicaines sont riches en culture indigène. Les plats du quotidien sont généralement cuisinés à base de maïs, d’herbes, de viande, de chile (piment), de fruits de mer, mais aussi d’insectes.

Chiapas, capitale de la gastronomie mexicaine est un réel paradis pour les amateurs à la recherche de nouvelles expériences culinaires.

Les plats populaires de la gastronomie mexicaine

Parmi les plats qu’il faut absolument goûter durant son voyage au Mexique, nous  citerons :

  • Taco (the famous corn tortilla),
  • la Quesadilla,
  • les Tostadas,
  • the Enchilada.

Le Mexique, une destination rêvée pour un voyage gastronomique

Mexican gastronomy has also influenced many neighboring regions, including the southern United States, Texas to be precise. There are many dishes with a Mexican flavour, often spicy and very nutritious like the famous chili con carne.

Mexico is definitely a great place to explore new horizons, discover new cultures and undertake a gastronomic journey.


Culinary cities and culinary art to discover in Mexico

Our gastronomic trip to Mexico will involve 4 different regions:


Located on the Pacific coast, Acapulco is a Mexican seaside city where life is good. It is famous for its beaches and lively nights. You can visit different monuments and tourist places like: the Quebrada, the Fort of San Diego or the Revolcadero. There are different types of restaurants in Acapulco: exotic, vegetarian or traditional. Nachos are the most popular dish. They are sold everywhere in the city. Corn is also sold in different forms (cut, boiled, etc.) and there are many traditions of serving corn in Acapulco.  


Mexico City is the capital of Mexico. Many visitors come from far away to admire this attractive city. There are many museums, parks and gardens to visit. This modern and lively city is also rich in culture and traditions. It is particularly famous for its gastronomy which gathers all the culinary diversities of Mexico. You can also find typical specialties of the region such as: the huaraches and the tacos al pastor which are part of the daily food of Mexico City.

Chiapa de Corzo

Chiapa de Corzo is a town located in the Chiapas region. This small town is a real piece of paradise. Located near the river of GrijalvaThe city of Chiapa de Corzo is full of historical monuments that should not be missed during your trip to Mexico. You can do several activities, starting with observing the Fuente Mudejar and admire the magnificent waterfalls ofEl ChorreaderoStroll by the fountain of the Pilaand then visit the Old Convent of Santo-Domingo and finally, discover the local gastronomy... because traveling to Chiapa de Corzo is also about pleasing your taste buds. You will find there Mexican dishes famous in the whole country such as: the famous pepita with saccadé or the Salpiconwithout forgetting the tasty drinks such as the white pozol tascalate, etc.


The city of Puebla, whose official name is Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, is located in the state of Puebla in Mexico. To make a tourist trip to Puebla is also to discover the historical center of the city. The buildings of the city have a Spanish architecture that dates back to colonial times. Among these buildings are: the Church of Santo Domingo.

The culinary specialties of the city of Puebla are as old as the origin of the city. It is a rustic cuisine of indigenous tradition. Among the most popular dishes of the city are: The chiles en nogada et le mole poblano. There are also insect-based dishes, such as Chapulines which are sautéed grasshoppers because in Mexico "Everything that walks, crawls, swims, flies, goes to the pot" (Mexican proverb).

Mexican gastronomic recipes


Tamalas are a very popular Mexican culinary dish. They are, in fact, corn turnovers. They are steamed. This traditional specialty originates from Aztec. Like pancakes, these corn turnovers can be sweet or savory.

La Quesadilla

Traditional Mexican dish, the quesadilla is prepared with tortillas and chedar. This spicy and colorful culinary recipe is an ideal change from the classic sandwich. This dish can be found all over Central America and in Texas.


Les Buñuelos sont sans doute les friandises les plus célèbres du Mexique. Ce dessert est une pâte frite que l’on recouvre de sucre, de cannelle ou de sirop. Cette recette est surtout préparée durant les fêtes de Noël au Mexique. Un vrai régal !

Les Enchilada

This culinary specialty originated in Mexico. Its main components are tortillas and salsa, it is possible to sprinkle the enchilada with grated cheese. This traditional Mexican dish is ideal for Sundays.

Le Mole

Mole is a basic Mexican specialty. This sauce is made of original ingredients, such as cocoa, sesame, tomato, peanut and chili peppers. Mole is used to accompany many Mexican dishes.

The Guacamole

The guacamole recipe is famous all over the world. The main ingredient of this preparation of Mexican origin is the avocado which gives it its green color, but also chili, coriander, tomato, lemon and onion.

La cocada

Cocada is a Mexican delicacy that is popular in Latin America. This culinary recipe is made with coconut, milk and sugar. It is said that it was Frida Kahlo's favorite treat..

The alambre

This is a nutritious and filling dish perfect for feeding the whole family. The alambre is a popular and traditional dish in Mexico. Its main ingredients are grilled beef, bacon, bell bell pepper, onion and corn.

Le taco

Also called tortilla, the taco is famous all over the world. This stuffed corn cake is a classic of Mexican cuisine. Many restaurants offer it in their menu, here is the easy taco recipe to make at home.


Harry’s Grill


Restaurant located in Acapulco. ideal for families. harry's Grill is known as one of the best restaurants for grilling.


El Cardinal


El Cardinal Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Mexico City to enjoy traditional culinary dishes of the region.



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Restaurant situé à Chiapas. il propose des menus variés et économiques. le décor de ce restaurant traditionnel mexicain est très original.




The Maizal restaurant is located in the city of Puebla. You can enjoy quality dishes. This culinary restaurant is chic and luxurious.

Formalités d’entrée au Mexique

Réussissez votre voyage gastronomique au Mexique avec les meilleurs prestataires…

Le Mexique est un pays riche en saveurs. Ses différentes épices et ses plats pimentés donne l’eau à la bouche. Pour faire un voyage gastronomique, tous les citoyens étrangers doivent faire une demande de visa, sauf s’ils sont :

  • Titulaires d’un visa valide pour le Canada, les Etats Unis, l’espace Schengen, la Colombie, le Chili, le Pérou et le Royaume-Unis.
  • Titulaires d’un passeport de l’un des 69 pays exemptés de visa pour le Mexique.
  • Titulaires de la carte des voyages d’affaires APEC de plusieurs pays comme la Corée du Sud, l’Australie, l’Indonésie, etc.

Sachez également que certaines nationalités peuvent faire une demande de visa en ligne pour le Mexique (SAE). D’autres pays comme le Cameroun, Belgique, France… peuvent obtenir une carte touristique ou Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM).

A l’arrivé au Mexique, certains documents supplémentaires pourront vous être demandés selon le motif de votre voyage comme l’assurance voyage et le billet d’avion de retour.

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