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Bread and Cake Recipes

Baking, like pastry-making, gives pleasure to the most gourmand. If you wish to bake, to succeed in your recipes for cakes, buns and homemade bread, you should know that this art requires rigour and practice.

However, if you have the right equipment, the right ingredients and, above all, the right will, you can make excellent cakes. Ramitosfood-recipes has some basic recipes to get you started. You can make your own homemade bread, a creamy brioche and an easy sponge cake that you can fill and decorate as you wish.

Bread and cake recipes

Here are some basic bread and cake recipes:

Easy brioche recipe

There's nothing better than a slice of brioche for tea. Whether eaten plain or with jam, brioche is always a hit. But before you can indulge yourself, you need to know all the tricks of the trade to make a successful brioche. We give you the classic brioche recipe with detailed explanations to make it a success every time.

Easy sponge cake recipe

To start baking, you need to master the basics. Sponge cake is an easy recipe that you need to learn in order to make all sorts of cakes: birthday cakes, Christmas logs...etc. We reveal to you the basics that every good pastry chef must have and the tricks to make your sponge cake a success.


Croissant recipe

Make your own homemade croissants like a real baker. Follow the simple steps in this recipe to start by preparing your puff pastry, then shaping your croissants and finally putting them in the oven.

Cookies recipe

Chocolate chip cookies are perfect for afternoon tea or a snack. There are plenty of cookie recipes out there, but this one is probably the best, so follow the steps and make some delicious cookies.  



Making a success of your home-made bread

There is a wide variety of breads, the steps to make homemade bread are the same, you just need to know them, then get to work! Follow his instructions to produce homemade bread worthy of a master baker.