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Recipes with fruit and vegetables from the 4 seasons

Each season has a wide variety of different ingredients. Seasonal cooking adapts to the fruits and vegetables available during the four seasons: autumn, winter, spring and summer. Our kitchens are filled with delicate and subtle smells and flavours, season after season. Check out our 4 seasons recipes and start cooking!

Recipes with fruit and vegetables from the autumn season

The autumn season means the end of holidays and summer. There is nothing better than good seasonal food to enjoy at home. During the autumn, there are plenty of fresh vegetables that are just waiting to be eaten! These vegetables include: Courgette, spinach, corn, pumpkin, fennel, peppers, green beans and starches such as sweet potatoes.

Sweet pumpkin pie

In autumn, we use Halloween to include pumpkin and pumpkin pie in the programme, which are just as good as pumpkin soup! Delicious.

Gratin of Jerusalem artichokes and sweet potatoes

Take advantage of the appearance of sweet potatoes to prepare this delicious gratin. They are rich in fibre and minerals, and their delicately sweet taste goes very well with Jerusalem artichokes. Try it out!

Recipes with fruit and vegetables from the winter season

In winter, you will mainly find root vegetables, which are very rich in minerals. These include: red beetroot, garlic, celeriac, red cabbage, green cabbage, red onion, Jerusalem artichoke...etc. They can be used to prepare hot dishes such as soups, stews, gratins and stewed dishes... ideal for winter!

Green lentils with leeks, carrots and turnips

Here are the steps to follow to make this green lentil and vegetable stew that will keep you warm in winter.

Mushroom and walnut soup

Nothing better than a good mushroom soup to enjoy in winter, here is the recipe for mushroom soup with nuts.


Recipes with fruits and vegetables of the spring season

The return of mild weather, the awakening of nature, the warming of the temperature... It's wonderful to see spring arrive! And all we need to cook is simple foods that smell like sunshine! Here are some of the first spring vegetables to appear: Peas, Pepper, Tomato, Cauliflower.

Cream of pea soup with lemon

Celebrate the return of the sun with this delicious, easy-to-cook Lemon Pea soup.


Homemade spring rolls

This Vietnamese recipe is perfect for celebrating the return of the warm weather. Here's how to make spring rolls at home.


Recipes with fruit and vegetables from the summer season

The heat, the holidays, the desire to take a break... a desire for freshness and delectable flavours? Then make room in your fridge for tomatoes, courgettes and even artichokes! And, of course, artichokes can be used in a variety of basic dishes.

Recipe Bruschetta with artichoke and tomato

Here is a light, tasty and quick recipe for Artichoke Brushetta to prepare in summer.


Moroccan tomato and cucumber salad

Here is a recipe for Moroccan salad (Chlada) that will bring you freshness during the hot season.


Why choose fruit and vegetables according to season?

We will see why it is important to choose seasonal fruit and vegetables for a healthy and balanced diet.

First of all, they are less expensive, which is a huge financial advantage that will allow you to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables while taking care of your health.

Buying fruit and vegetables in season is also environmentally friendly. By eating food in season you respect the cycle of nature.