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Gastronomic journey in India

There are a multitude of reasons to take a tourist trip to India. With its traditions and history dating back thousands of years, India has much to offer its visitors. From the north to the south, from the huge megalopolis to the sacred monuments and temples, there are many places and landscapes to discover.

Visitez l’Inde et ses villes emblématiques

One of the top tourist destinations in India is the famous Taj-Mahal. This symbol of India is one of the 7 wonders of the world. It attracts, every year, a large number of visitors from all over the world.

Découvrez les saveurs et gastronomie indiennes

Another major reason to visit India is undoubtedly for its gastronomy. Consisting mainly of rice, tandoori meat, curry and all sorts of fragrant spices, Indian gastronomy is an integral part of the country's culture. The culinary specialties differ from one region to another. In all the gastronomic restaurants of India, the dishes are accompanied by "naan" (Indian bread) filled with cheese or garlic.

Traveling in India offers a multitude of opportunities and a total change of scenery to tourists. One is carried away by the intoxicating perfumes and flavors, the colors of the market and the saris. One can visit cities where the color is honored such as Jaipur, the pink city and Jodhpur the blue city.

S’offrir un voyage spirituel en Inde

Partir en Inde, c’est aussi l’occasion de faire un voyage de type spirituel avec les différents cultes et rituels, ainsi que les différentes statues de dieux et de déesses présentes un peu partout dans le pays.


Culinary cities and culinary art to discover in India:

Our gastronomic journey in India will involve different regions:


Capital of Maharashta, lively and colorful, Mumbai is the largest city in India. It is the city of entertainment, arts and cinema. It is possible to visit the internationally known Bollywood. The gastronomy in Mumbai is very appreciated, one can taste emblematic culinary dishes of the region like the pav bhaji. This mashed potato is very popular with tourists. You can also taste delicious hot fritters of chickpeas and coriander.


Jaipur, the famous pink city capital of Rajastha in India, is full of magnificent monuments from ancient times. The buildings in Jaipur are mostly pink, hence its nickname. Among the most famous monuments of the city are the famous Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds), the Jantar Mantar, the City Palace and many others. In Jaipur, one can discover aromas and flavors typical of the region's gastronomic traditions.


Located in northern India, Agra is home to the country's most famous monument, the famous Taj Mahal. The city is rich in culture and history. There are multiple religious buildings and other monuments such as the Red Fort, Fatehpur-Sikri. Agra was once the capital of Mughal, there are sites from the Mughal empire. The gastronomy in Agra is very influenced by the Mughal cuisine, one finds there culinary specialities such as kebabs, naans and tikkas.


Udaipur is located in the west of India. It is the ancient capital of Mewar. The city overlooks Lake Pichola and the City Palace, consisting of 11 palaces famous for their architecture and refined mosaics.

Located in Rajasthan, the culinary traditions of the region border on the desert. The gastronomy is based on a mixture of foods, including fruits, vegetables, rice and multiple spices.


Gastronomic recipes from India


Le plat culinaire Biryani est une spécialité typique d’Inde. Préparé à base de riz, de légumes, de viandes et d’épices parfumées, ce plat est très nutritif.


Le Chapati est une sorte de pain traditionnel très consommée en Inde. Il peut être accompagné avec différents mets. Simple à préparer, le chapati est élaboré sans levain. 

The chole bhature

The chole bhature is a traditional Indian dish. This culinary specialty is very popular in northern India. The dish is a mixture of chana masala and fried bread.



Egg curry with peanuts

This dish is typically Indian. This recipe can be made with fresh tomatoes or homemade tomato. The recipe is simple to make for an expressive meal.


Korma is a traditional Central Asian dish. This culinary specialty is prepared with vegetables, meat and yogurt or coconut milk, a real treat.


Naan is a very common culinary specialty in India. Naan is a kind of flat bread made of flour cooked on a hot wall. This dish is ideal as a side dish.


Manchuria is a traditional Hindu-Chinese culinary dish prepared with vegetable dumplings cooked in a tangy sauce, flavored with spices and sugar.

Poulet Tandoori

Le tandoori est un mélange d’épice très utilisée dans la cuisine indienne. Voici une recette expresse, facile et inratable pour réussir le poulet tandoori à l’indienne.

Tikka Masala

The traditional Indian dish Tikka Massala is famous all over the world. These pieces of chicken cooked in a spicy, sweet and salty sauce are a real treat.




Situé à Mumbai en Inde, ce restaurant culinaire vous fera découvrir les spécialités culinaires traditionnels d’Inde.


The Grand Peacock

Excellent restaurant à découvrir durant un séjour à Jaipur. Plats traditionnels typiques de la région, à des prix raisonnables.



This traditional Indian restaurant, located in Agra offers a variety of traditional Indian dishes on the menu.


The Little Prince

This restaurant located in Udaipur in India offers a magnificent view on the lake. The atmosphere is pleasant and the dishes are traditional.

Formalités d’entrée en Inde

Avant d’envisager de faire un voyage gastronomique en Inde, vous devez vous informer sur les formalités d’entrer au pays. Ramitosfood est votre plateforme d’informations et de guide. Sachez que tous les voyageurs internationaux, à l’exception des maldiviens, bhoutanais et népalais, ont besoin d’un visa pour entrer en Inde.

Néanmoins, il est désormais possible pour les citoyens 167 pays et territoires de demander un visa électronique (e-visa) s’ils ont un passeport ordinaire. Ce type de visa est valable pour les personnes qui souhaitent se rendre en Inde pour une visite touristique ou à des fins commerciales. Sinon, il faudra demander un Regular Visa (visa à entrées multiples pour des permis spéciaux).


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