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Gastronomy is the result of a combination of the culinary heritage of other cultures, popular imagination, the availability of ingredients, the evolution of consumption patterns and openness to others...

In this section, Ramitosfood will periodically introduce you to the best restaurants and chefs competing in the world of flavours, new wines, great tasting recipes, new cooking utensils, the best culinary destinations and the addresses of shops to buy cheaply online or in shop...

Recipes of the moment


Find out what's new in the kitchen and try out the latest recipes:

Recipe for ham and Emmental croissants

Make these ham and cheese croissants with your eyes closed. Children love them and so do older children. Follow these steps 

Mashed potato and cheese croquettes

This is a quick and tasty recipe. It takes only 10 minutes to make these mashed potato and cheese croquettes. Here are the preparation steps.

Quinoa salad with feta cheese

Quinoa is a very nutritious food and is recommended by dieticians. The advantage is that it has a very short cooking time. It is therefore very easy and quick to prepare. Here is an express recipe for a good quinoa and feta salad.

The Healthy Cooking trend (Recipes)

If there is one cooking trend that is in the news at the moment, it's "healthy cooking". This slimming cuisine is 100% natural. It is light and healthier for your health.  Even the most famous restaurants devote a whole category to it in their menus. Rich in essential nutrients, this cuisine is good for the body and the mind, nothing better to be in shape!

Ramitosfood has selected for you the latest healthy recipes to give your body everything it needs.

Lasagnes saines de courgettes

Here's an Italian-inspired recipe you'll love. You'll love this recipe if you enjoy traditional Italian food and want to make a healthier choice.

boiled eggs avocado

Avocado eggs casserole is a healthy dish that is ideal for healthy eating. This recipe is ideal for brunch! Quick, light and easy to make.


carottes spaghetti

Voici une autre recette d’inspiration Italienne, revisitée de façon à être 100 % nature. Remplacez les classiques spaghetti par des carottes fraiches pour plus de saveurs.


Club Sandwich

Nothing beats a good homemade club sandwich for a quick lunch.

Here is another version of the club sandwich. This time 100% vegetarian. If you want a good and healthy snack, this recipe is ideal.