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Vegetarian restaurants around the world

A vegetarian diet is a diet that excludes meat, poultry and fish. There are many reasons to follow a vegetarian diet. These include ethical, health, environmental and economic reasons.

Many people have switched to a vegetarian diet in recent decades because they believe it is healthier than an omnivorous diet. Many vegetarians also believe that their food choices are more environmentally friendly than those of omnivores.

There are many places in the world where you can find vegetarian restaurants, but some of the best are in India and China.

Vegetarian restaurants in China

Vegetarianism is becoming increasingly popular in China. This trend has been observed for some years and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Here are some good vegetarian restaurants located in China.

Godly Vegetarian (Nanjing Lu)

This vegetarian restaurant, located in Shanghai, China, has been open since 1922. It offers a very pleasant folkloric atmosphere. To visit at least once.

Tianchu Miaoxiang - Chaowai

This vegetarian restaurant is located in Beijing, China, near Central Park. It offers a varied menu of vegan dishes with simulated meats. 

Vegetarian restaurants in the USA

Vegetarian restaurants in the United States offer a variety of options for vegetarians. In fact, there are many high-quality vegetarian restaurants throughout the country that offer a variety of 100% vegan dishes on their menus.

Sage - A Plant Based Bistro and Beer Garden

This vegetarian restaurant is located in Culver City, California. It is one of the first to offer completely vegan dishes on the menu.

Plant Miami

This vegetarian restaurant is located in The Sacred Space in Miami, Florida. It offers plant-based dishes, native to Florida.

Vegetarian restaurants in London

London is a city with many vegetarian restaurants. Some of them are vegan while others are vegetarian. It is difficult to find the one that suits you as there are so many options.

Here are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in London:

  • The Gate, a vegan restaurant in Clerkenwell
  • Mildred's, a vegetarian restaurant in Soho
  • Govinda's, a Hare Krishna restaurant in Tooting

The gate

This vegetarian restaurant in London is very popular. It offers sophisticated and creative dishes on the menu.



This vegetarian restaurant offers an innovative service, in fact, the bill to be paid corresponds to the weight of the plate. It is therefore a self-service restaurant.


Is vegetarianism safe?

A vegetarian diet can be healthy if planned carefully and combined with exercise, but it can also be unhealthy if you don't get enough nutrients from other sources such as fruit and vegetables which contain vitamin B12 and iron. Some people might think they are getting enough protein from their diet, but without animal products they might not get enough at all!