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Gastronomic trip to Spain

The Spanish gastronomy is famous all over the world. The culinary specialties of Andalusia, Catalonia, but also of Navarra and Galicia make the diversity of Spanish cuisine.

Sunny, bordered by water and especially the beautiful Mediterranean, Spain offers a diverse cuisine of seafood and fish.

L’Espagne, une destination rêvé pour les touristes

Spain is a dream destination for travelers and tourists in search of discovery. Taking a gastronomic trip to Spain allows you to explore tapas and spend unforgettable moments in historical places, squares and monuments such as :

  • The Alhambra of Granada.
  • The Sagrada Familia, etc.
  • La Sagrada Familia, etc.

La diversité de la cuisine espagnole

While enjoying exceptional traditional dishes and culinary specialties. Spanish cuisine is known to be rich, diverse and nutritious.

The key ingredients found in the majority of Spanish gastronomic recipes are olive oil and ham, which are true culinary treasures of the country. Spain is also famous for its wines, such as Rioja wine which is the most internationally recognized.

Between beach, monuments and diversified gastronomy, Spain has something to amaze you.


Culinary cities and culinary art to discover in Spain:

Our gastronomic trip to Spain will involve 4 different regions :

  • Valencia

Valencia is a port city in Spain with several beaches. There are many historical and modern monuments to visit. Gastronomy is one of the assets of Valencia's territory. Every year a festival of Valencian gastronomy is organized in the region to represent the dishes and specialties of Valencia as the Paella Valenciana, Fideuá or the Arroz al horno and many others.

  • Madrid

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a prime tourist destination. It has large parks and boulevards. It is known for being an artistic city. It has a large collection of European art. Compared to Barcelona or other cities, Madrid is known to be conservative. Traveling to Madrid also means embarking on an extraordinary culinary adventure, there is a vast choice of restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Madrid dishes.

  • Huelva

The city of Huelva is located in the southwest of Spain, in Andalusia. It is the capital of the Costa de la Luz. In 2017, Huelma was selected to be the capital of gastronomy in Spain.

Flamenco singing, sunset and tapas often rhyme with Andalusia. In Huelva, you will also find beautiful places to discover such as its sandy beaches, white villages...etc. and above all, you can taste the tender ham and the good wine of the region.

  • Seville

One cannot make a trip to Spain without making a detour to Seville... Capital of Andalusia in the south of the country, Seville is famous for its conviviality and for its flamenco dancers. It is also very famous for its gastronomy and its typical culinary dishes of the region, like the famous gazpacho, the Gambas ou le Caracoles. Un voyage à Séville est forcément aussi un voyage gastronomique.

  • Barcelone

Barcelone est la capitale cosmopolite de la région espagnole de Catalogne. La ville est réputée pour son architecture et son art. Barcelone est également connue pour sa gastronomie, une cuisine millénaire qui tire ses origines de racines grecques, phéniciennes, romaines et arables, sans oublier l’influence de la cuisine des colonies. Le moyen idéal pour découvrir la Barcelone authentique est de savourer la gastronomique catalane.

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Gastronomic recipes from Spain


This brightly colored soup is an iconic dish in Spain. Gazpacho is an ideal recipe for summer. This refreshing cold soup is made of tomato and vegetables, a real treat to enjoy as an appetizer.

Calamari à la catlagne

Calamari Catalan style is a very popular Spanish dish. It is an emblematic Spanish culinary specialty. Prepared and simmered in a creamy sauce, it is then seasoned with fine herbs that give the squid more flavor. To be enjoyed with some bread crumbs.   

Garlic shrimp

The recipe for prawns al ajillo is a famous recipe in Spain. Prawns similar to shrimps are the main ingredient of this culinary specialty. This dish is served with multiple sauces to dip the prawns.

Valencian Paella

Paella is the emblematic dish of Spanish gastronomy. Internationally known, this dish is composed of multiple ingredients. Meat, seafood, fish, beans, everything is mixed and cooked slowly in a special large pan. Paella is often eaten with sangria.


Tortilla is a Spanish gastronomic dish that is very similar to an omelette. However, it is much more filling and rich. The Tortilla is very nutritious, composed of vegetables, potatoes, cheese, ham and eggs, all spiced up with spices.

Calamares fritos

The recipe for fried squid is a culinary preparation made all over the world and very popular in Spain. This rich dish is made of squid cut into rings which are then fried. Seasoned with spices or accompanied by sauce, this dish puts everyone in agreement.

Crema Catalana

The recipe for creme catalana is similar to the recipe for crème brulée. Lemon and cinnamon flavored, this dessert is very appreciated, it mixes the sweetness of the cream and the crispness of the burnt sugar.


Churro is a Spanish and Portuguese culinary specialty. This pastry is comparable to a large doughnut that is sprinkled with sugar according to taste. The recipe is simple to make, you just have to put your hand to the dough.  


The empanada is a very common culinary specialty in Spain. These small turnovers are stuffed with a rich filling. Each region of Spain has its own version of the empanada recipe.


Restaurant Navarro


Restaurant Navarro is ranked among the 5 best restaurants in Valencia. Located in the city center, it offers Mediterranean dishes with fresh products.


La Mi Venta

Located in Madrid, this traditional restaurant offers typical Spanish culinary dishes. Convivial and warm, La Mi Venta is a restaurant of excellence.


El Azabache


Huelva is full of excellent restaurants. El Azabache is one of the best known. It offers its customers a wide choice on the menu, including regional dishes.


El Pintón

Live a real gastronomic journey and enjoy the Andalusian atmosphere, booking a table at the famous restaurant El Pintón in Seville.

Formalités d’entrée en Espagne

L’Espagne est un pays riche en culture et en gastronomie. Pour y séjourner, vous devrez connaitre les formalités d’entrée en Espagne.

En premier, il faudra présenter des pièces à la frontière, à savoir :

  • Un passeport ou un titre de voyage en cours de validité ;
  • Un visa en cours de validité pour certains pays ;
  • Documents justifiants l’objet et les conditions du séjour (billet de retour, réservation d’hôtel, assurance voyage, etc.).

Ensuite, vous devrez présenter la preuve des moyens financiers, sachant qu’en 2020, le montant minimum requis était de 90 euros par personne et par jour.

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Réussissez votre voyage gastronomique en Espagne avec les meilleurs prestataires…

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