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Gastronomic trip to Greece

Traveling to Greece means discovering breathtaking landscapes. Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea, Greece is full of heavenly beaches where you can bask in the sun.

Partez à la découverte des monuments et de la culture grecques

During a trip to Greece, one can discover a culture and monuments marked by myths and legends. Sightseeing is not limited to the legendary city of Athens or the iconic ruins of ancient Greece. There are a variety of Greek historical sites to visit such as:

  • Mycenae,
  • Thebes,
  • Olympia and many others.

In addition to the ancient places, Greece is home to beautiful areas with a rich heritage such as the monasteries of Meteora located not far from the town of Kalambaka.

La gastronomie grecque, une cuisine colorée et nutritive

Greece is a perfect country for a gastronomic trip. Greek gastronomy is varied, rich and nutritious. The vegetables and fruits are bursting with sunshine and the plates are colorful and gourmet. Greek cuisine is made from foods that can only be found on the Mediterranean coast. The dishes are usually made with olives, fresh tomatoes and feta cheese. There are many Greek culinary specialties to discover, such as the famous Moussaka or the famous souvlákis. Other richer culinary dishes are also a real treat like gyros or loukoumades.

To organize a trip to Greece is to visit the land of the ancient gods and goddesses, to be intoxicated by flavors and delights, to discover an ancestral and traditional culture that is several thousand years old. In the end, to go to Greece is to ensure an unforgettable trip.


Culinary cities and culinary art to discover in Greece:

Our gastronomic journey in Greece will involve different regions:


Thessaloniki is the 2nd largest city in Greece. This port city is located on the Aegean Sea. It is steeped in history, with Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman traces. In Thessaloniki, you can discover many inspiring and intoxicating historical sites. You can taste traditional culinary dishes typical of the region, such as the famous The BOUGATSA Thessaloniki doughnuts, the panoramic triangles or the delicious syrupy sweets.

The Island of Santorini

If there is a heavenly place to visit in Greece, it is the island of Santorini. It is known to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world. In addition to its beautiful beaches, you can walk in its many villages. There are many gourmet restaurants in Santorini that offer traditional culinary dishes of the region. Among the dishes that can be tasted in Santorini, there are vetch, katsounia and many others.


Corinth is a port city located in Greece. It is located at the Isthmus of Corinth. This city is friendly and touristy. You can visit many historical sites such as Akrokorinthos, the Temple of Apollo, etc. The city of Corinth is also famous for its traditional gastronomy and its unique foods, especially for its raisins.


La ville de Corfou est l’une des destinations de voyage favorites de plusieurs touristes. Située au large de la côte de la Grèce, elle offre des paysages de montagnes et de collines sublimes. On y trouve aussi des plages et des criques paradisiaques. Il y a de multiples spécialités culinaires corfiotes comme : le sofrito, le bourdéto et la pastitsada, plusieurs restaurants gastronomiques corfiotes proposent ces plats dans leurs menus.

Greek culinary recipes:

Eggplant caviar

Delicious Greek recipe and quick to make. The main ingredient to make this culinary dish is eggplant. Make this delicious eggplant caviar in just a few steps.

The Dolma

Emblematic dish very appreciated. By following a few tips you can easily make this culinary dish and enjoy it. Ideal for parties and occasions.

Greek yogurt with honey

This recipe for Greek yogurt with honey is perfect for breakfast. Homemade, this healthy yogurt is very appreciated by young and old alike.


The recipe for Fava is typically Greek. This traditional culinary dish takes its name from the split peas that compose it. Ideal to prepare for a quick and light meal.

Greek Loukoumades

This recipe is a real treat. Loukoumades are in fact, small sweet puffs traditional in Greece. This famous confection is easy to make.

The moussaka

Emblematic dish of the Mediterranean basin, the moussaka is rich and very nutritious. This Sunday lasagna is perfect for Sunday dinners.

Greek Salad

This recipe is famous in the world. A classic and iconic salad, it is usually made with cucumber, tomatoes and feta cheese.


A combination of feta cheese and spinach, Spanakopita is a real treat. Crunchy and light, this Greek culinary specialty is worth trying.

The tzatzíki

Tzatziki is a Greek condiment or mezze. It is used as a side dish, as an appetizer or to season salads and give them freshness.


Restaurant Mamalouka




This gourmet restaurant is located in Thessaloniki. Chic and modern, you can taste the refined dishes of the region.

Restaurant Corinthian House Grill

Very good restaurant for lunch. Located in Corinth, it offers a variety of dishes on the menu, including grilled meats.

  Restaurant  To Psaraki

Beautiful restaurant located on the island of Santorini. You can enjoy Greek culinary dishes while admiring the sea.

Restaurant, Liston Corfu

 This gourmet restaurant located in Corfu offers a magnificent view of the sea and the Asian Art Museum. It offers quality dishes from the region.

Formalités d’entrée en Grèce

Pour partir en Grèce, la plateforme ramitosfood est là pour vous aider avec vos démarches.

Les formalités d’entée en Grèce différent d’un pays à un autre. Pour les ressortissants français ou membre de l’UE, ils n’ont généralement pas besoin d’un visa. Le plus souvent, ils ne présentent qu’une pièce d’identité.

Pour les autres pays, il est souvent obligatoire de demander un visa. Il faut également présenter une assurance voyage, une preuve d’hébergement, des preuves de fonds ainsi qu’un billet aller-retour.


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