Idées de recettes à base différents ingrédients

Choosing the right ingredient for cooking can be a difficult task. There are so many choices to make and the recipe may not always tell you the best option. Fortunately, Ramitosfood has selected for you a list of fresh ingredients to prepare simple and easy dishes, cakes and desserts.


The apricot is the ultimate summer fruit! A multitude of recipes can be made with this sweet and tangy ingredient. You can make pies, crumbles, gratins and even savoury dishes. In fact, apricots go perfectly with pork or chicken tagine to release their flavours.


Artichokes are a notoriously difficult vegetable to cook. They require a lot of patience and time, but the end result is worth it. Artichokes can be cooked as a salad or as a main course. Here are some recipe ideas for making tasty dishes with this special tasting ingredient.

Artichoke salad with lemon vinaigrette

This is a very simple salad recipe to cook. Ideal for a light and healthy meal. Follow the steps to prepare this artichoke salad.

Artichoke and ham gratin

Make this recipe for artichoke and ham gratin in just a few steps. This dish is very popular with children and adults alike, ideal for enjoying vegetables.


Voilà un ingrédient qui donne la banane au petits comme au plus grands. En effet, ce fruit est très apprécié pour le gouter. Il est possible d’utiliser la banane pour préparer des desserts et gâteaux très gourmands. Voici 2 recettes à base  banane très simples à réaliser, en quelques étapes seulement pour vous régaler.

Banana pie with French meringue

Are you looking for good banana recipes? Here is a recipe for banana pie with French meringue.

Upside down banana cake

This banana upside down cake recipe is ideal for snack time. It is both light and very tasty.