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African cuisine

African cuisine is rich in history and flavour. From the north to the far south of Africa, via Algeria, Mali, the Ivory Coast or Ethiopia, the local culinary recipes are diverse. Recipes and secrets are fiercely guarded in Africa and are passed on from generation to generation. These grandmotherly dishes are now part of the cultural heritage of the African continent.


Maghreb cuisine

The cuisine of North Africa has undergone many changes over the course of history and time. Indeed, the Arab-Muslim civilisation, as well as the food products exported from America, have greatly influenced the Eastern Mediterranean cuisine.

This region, made up of ancient Berber countries that were later Arabised, has developed a culinary art rich in taste, spices and flavours.

The cuisine of the Maghreb, including Algeria, Tunisia, Chad and Mauritania, includes a variety of ingredients: fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. Spices are the main asset of the Maghrebian gastronomy, whether it is cinnamon, saffron, coriander, ginger, cumin, turmeric or paprika, these spices are widely used in the local cuisine. Bulbs such as onions and garlic are also used. The most common dishes are often salads, soups, sauces and tagines.

Algerian cuisine

In Algeria, bread is an essential part of the cuisine, and is eaten at almost every meal. There is a wide variety of wheat bread, for example: the kesra, the mbesses, the chouat, the matlou, l’aghroum and many others. Bread is sacred and is never wasted in Algeria. Every day, merchants collect stale bread to sell to farms and livestock breeders.  

Tunisian cuisine

Tunisian gastronomy has had multiple Phoenician, Turkish, Roman and Berber influences. The local Tunisian cuisine is famous for its spicy dishes spiced with harissa. Harissa is the most important condiment in Tunisian cuisine. The regional cuisine also makes extensive use of seafood, so semolina dishes like couscous are accompanied by grilled fish.

Mauritanian cuisine

Cooking with livestock has an important place in Mauritanian gastronomy. Indeed, this nomadic country has long practised animal husbandry. The meat and milk of cows, goats and dromedaries are therefore very present in local culinary recipes. Among the most famous dishes of the region are :

  • the Fataye Turnovers stuffed with meat and served with sauce.
  • the Tichtar Slices of dried camel or beef meat.

Couscous is also a gastronomic dish eaten in Mauritania.

Ivorian cuisine

Ivorian gastronomy is rich in colour and taste. The local culinary specialities are very varied thanks to the diversity of the ethnic tribes that make up the country. Dishes in Côte d'Ivoire are generally made up of fish, bush meat or shellfish and among the most famous Ivorian gastronomic dishes, we can cite :

  • the kedjenou,
  • the blissiou
  • l’attiéké.

These tasty dishes are very much appreciated by the finest gourmets. Most Ivorian recipes are flavoured with spices and accompanied by gourmet sauces.

The Millet

Millet is a very common cereal in Africa, in fact it is produced and consumed in a multitude of African countries located in arid regions. Also, many African gastronomic dishes are prepared with millet.

Millet is available as grains, flours or flakes and can replace common cereals such as wheat, and can be prepared in a variety of ways, such as :

  • in couscous,
  • en risotto,
  • in slurries.

This cereal is rich in nutrients and gluten-free, so it has a multitude of nutritional benefits, and is mostly produced locally.


Cuisine South Africa

South African gastronomy is very diverse thanks to the different culinary traditions that make it up. Indeed, the different peoples of the region such as the Zulu, the Basotho or the Xhosa are at the origin of the South African cuisine, it has also been greatly influenced by the English, French and German colonisations. The most famous South African dishes consist mainly of grilled meat (beef, ostrich, antelope, etc.) also called "braai" and among the most famous South African gastronomic dishes, we can cite :

  • the Biltong : a regional dish made from seasoned and dried meat.
  • the Boerewors This spicy lamb and pork sausage preparation is very popular in South Africa.