Gastronomic trip to Peru


 The Peruvian gastronomy is excellent and diversified. Indeed, each city of Peru contains its own culinary signature with a distinct flavor.

Peruvian gastronomy and soccer are the main reasons for pride of the country.

Peru was elected in 2019 for the 8ème consecutive "Best Gastronomic Destination in the World" award 

Peru is a country with a great agricultural wealth. The different cultures that have coexisted for centuries in Peru have created many typical and very tasty dishes.

The main characteristic of Peruvian cuisine is the presence of rice at every meal (Peruvians cannot conceive of a meal without rice) accompanied by tubers (potatoes, yuca and others), meat is also very present in all meals

If Peruvian gastronomy is so famous in the world it is because it was born from a fusion between different gastronomic cultures. It unifies Japanese, French, African and Creole gastronomy. Another reason for the success and variety of Peruvian cuisine is the wide range of products grown on its vast agricultural lands. Peru is a great exporter of quinoa, but also of potatoes, more than 3500 varieties of potatoes are cultivated and more than 2000 varieties of marine and freshwater fish.

In addition to its rich agriculture, there are different regional culinary specialties in Peru, whether it is Andean, Creole (criolla) or that of the Amazonian forest. These multiple culinary traditions make the diversity of the tastes of the gastronomy of Peru.

Culinary cities and culinary art to discover in Peru

Our gastronomic stay in Peru will involve different regions:

• Lima


Capital and biggest city of Peru, Lima is full of activity. It sheters a multitude of street food and gastronomic restaurants. One can taste there very known specialities of the area like: chichi morade, the cancha or skewers of anticucho. street food et restaurants gastronomiques. On peut y déguster des spécialités très connues de la région comme : la chicha morada, la cancha ou des brochettes d’anticucho.


Arequipa, gastronomis capital of Peru


The city of Arequipa is the gastronomic capital of Peru. There are the most famous restaurants of the country called picanterias, there you can find dishes made of aromas and spices specific to Peru such as rocoto stuffed, Adobo, Aji de galinna, Arrozchauffa and many others. picanterías.There are dishes with specific Peruvian aromas and spices such as rocoto farci, l’Adobo, l’Aji de galinna, Arroz chauffa and many others.

The canyon of colca


Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca the Colca Canyon is known to be the deepest on earth. You can taste alpaca, a rare and tender meat symbol of Peru, but also guinea pig and cuy accompanied with potato.

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the coastal regions have an extensive resource of flora and fauna, but also a wealth of fish, seafood and aquatic resources. Each region has typical dishes. The most famous is the Ceviche. Prepared with pieces of raw fish, Ceviche is considered the national dish of Peru.



Cusco est d’une beauté époustouflante , combinaison d’un double style architectural, Espagnol et Incas .La ville de Cuzco est certainement la cité la plus attrayante et fascinante de la sierra péruvienne.Manco Capac, vers 1250, se sentit investi de la divine mission de désigner le lieu qui allait devenir le cœur le l’empire, enfonça le bâton d’or enfonça dans le sol de Cozca
Cuzco lives mainly from agriculture and tourism.

Near Cuzco is located the Urubamba valley called "Sacred Valley of the Incas".



Ceviche is the emblematic dish of Peru. This culinary specialty is prepared with raw fish marinated in lemon juice. This typical fresh, rich and very appetizing recipe is easy to prepare and ideal for the summer. The Ceviche recipe explained in a few steps.

Anticucho skewers

Anticucho skewers are a typical Peruvian dish prepared with meat from Lima, variations of the recipe exist today. Here is the recipe for traditional Peruvian beef skewers, to be enjoyed as an appetizer with a seasonal salad.


 Cause Limena

Causa Limena is a typical Peruvian appetizer. The recipe is simple and easy to prepare. This mashed potato and avocado mixed with tuna, crab, langoustine or chicken is a real treat for the senses.


the Tacu tacu is one of the most famous dishes of Peru. A combination of rice and beans to give a crunchy bite. Very practical to recycle the leftovers of the day before. Follow the steps and tips to make a success of the TacuTacu which will make you travel to the edge of the Pacific.

Rocoto Relleno

Traditional Peruvian dish from Arequipa, capital of gastronomy in Peru. This spicy dish consists of peppers topped with minced meat, raisins and cheese. It is eaten with potato gratin.

Aji de gallina

Of Creole origin, the recipe for this creamy dish has undergone several modifications. Today we prepare the Aji de gallina with chicken and a sauce. It can be served with rice, potatoes and boiled eggs.

Papa Rellena

Here is a dish that can only be found in Peru. Papa rellena is a recipe whose main ingredient is a staple in Peru: the potato. Once cooked, it will be wrapped in a stuffing prepared with meat, onions and other ingredients, a real delight.

Fall of Camarones

The chupe de Camarones is a popular and very consumed soup in Peru. To make this recipe we use shrimps to which we add potatoes, tomatoes that we mix with milk. This is a light recipe ideal for supper.

Dad at the Huancaina

The Peruvian dish Papa a la Huancaina is a cold starter whose main ingredient is the potato. Indeed, this recipe is very simple to make, just prepare the Huancaina sauce and place it on slices of cooked potato, simple and effective!

Restaurant La trattoria del monastiro



One of the most distinguished restaurants in the city of Arequipa. A varied menu, created by Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio. Italian cuisine with local accents

Restaurant La feria



This restaurant transports you to the authentic cuisine of the Incas. Don't miss the well-done lomo saltado, consommé and ají de gallina

Restaurant La granja del Colca

Cabanaconde Canyon Colca


La Granja del colca is a must-see hotel in Cabanaconde in the Colca Canyon. It offers organic cuisine based on local products

Central Restaurante

• Lima


Considered the best restaurant in Peru and Latin America, “Le central restaurante” offers modern local cuisine. It is masterfully run by chef couple Pia Leon and Virgillo Martinez Veliz.  


Formalités d’entrée au Pérou

Réussissez votre voyage gastronomique au Pérou avec les meilleurs prestataires…

Pour se rendre au Pérou, beaucoup d’étrangers doivent faire une demande de visa. Mais pour les ressortissants de l’Union Européenne, le Visa n’est pas nécessaire si le séjour est inférieur ou égal à 90 jours. Si ces derniers souhaitent rester plus et pour les citoyens des pays tiers, il faut préparer un dossier de visa, qui est le suivant :

  • Copie du passeport ;
  • Formulaire de demande de visa DGC-005 ;
  • Copie du titre de séjour si le demandeur souhaite rester ;
  • Réservation d’hôtel ;
  • Réservation du billet d’avion aller-retour ;
  • Photo d’identité ;
  • Accréditation de la solvabilité économique.

Sinon, il est également conseillé d’avoir une assurance santé pour entrer au Pérou, cela pourrait également vous être demandé à l’entrer au pays.


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