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A gastronomic journey to Italy - the world of refinement and flavours...

Italy's gastronomic reputation is well established.

Italy is a country of art, culture and creation and is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. The country is known for its culture, history, monuments, tourist sites, breathtaking landscapes and world-famous gastronomy.

In addition to its great cultural diversity, Italy has a variety of natural landscapes such as the famous beaches of Sardinia, the beautiful hills of Tuscany and its lakes and mountains.

The art and architecture of the Roman times have a considerable place in Italy. Cities such as Rome and Venice are absolutely worth visiting, where you can admire the various frescoes and sculptures. Among the famous monuments not to be missed during a trip to Italy, there are :

  • The Coliseum,
  • The Pantheon,
  • The Trevi Fountain in Rome,
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa,
  • the Duomo of Milan,
  • The Basilica San Marco in Venice.

Italian Gastronomy, a great reason to travel to Italy

One of the main reasons to travel to Italy is to discover its gastronomy. Italian culinary specialities are among the most famous and most copied dishes in the world, such as the unmissable pizza, pasta aldente or lasagne! New flavours, recipes, sauces and many other traditional Italian dishes can be discovered during a tourist trip to Italy. And let's not forget the impressive range of Italian wines closely linked to the national culinary art.

Culinary cities and culinary art to discover in Italy

Our gastronomic trip to Italy will involve different regions:


Venice is a city not to be missed during your trip to Italy. You will discover churches, palaces, monuments whose architecture is exceptional... Traveling to Venice inevitably rhymes with a gondola ride to visit the city of waters. You will discover the Grand Canal, before strolling through the maze of canals of the Serenissima.

Venice is also famous for its refined gastronomy. Among the culinary specialties of Venice are the famous seafood risotto and the various pasta dishes that are important in Venice as in all of Italy.


Milan, capital of Lombardy, is a dynamic and cultural city. This city with a long history has welcomed painters such as da Vinci. A city of high fashion, visitors flock to it for shopping.

There are many beautiful monuments to visit in Milan such as the famous Duomo, a 108 m high cathedral, and gothic type cathedrals. Milan's gastronomy is also very popular. You can taste famous cheeses such as gorgonzola and mascarpone.


Naples is a city with a breathtaking architecture, multiple monuments to discover, churches, buildings, palaces and many other wonders.

Naples also attracts the most gourmands. Among the culinary specialties to discover in Naples, there is the famous Neapolitan pizza, a real treat! Inexpensive and delicious. Other specialties to try are the pizza fritta or the sfogliatelasdelicious croissants with cream...a real treat!


Rome is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The capital of Italy is rich of an ancient past. It is home to many vestiges of the Roman past and the Renaissance. You can admire unique monuments and ancient buildings, colors of the time.

The gastronomy of the city of Rome far exceeds that of its neighboring cities. The culinary and traditional specialties of the region are numerous. Composed of fresh products and a diversity of flavors, the Italian cuisine of Rome is a must try during your stay in Italy.

Traditional Italian dishes


Traditional Italian bread, focaccia has a texture similar to pizza. It can be decorated with different ingredients. This culinary preparation is very popular.

The panna cotta

The panna cotta is very popular in the world. This traditional dessert of Italian gastronomy is refreshing and delicious. It pleases young and old alike.


Pesto is a traditional condiment typical of Italian cuisine. This culinary specialty originates from Liguria. The recipe goes well with many pasta dishes.

The pizza

Typically Italian dish, internationally known, can be revisited and topped with different ingredients and sauces. The pizza originated in Naples and is a classic of Italian cuisine.


Lasagna is a traditional Italian dish. This rectangular pasta is a very popular Italian recipe worldwide.

The ravioli

Ravioli is a very popular dish in Italy. This pasta filled with meat or other fillings is ideal for an expressive meal. A very tasty Italian culinary recipe.


Risotto is a traditional Italian culinary specialty. This rice broth can be accompanied with different foods. This dish from northern Italy is prepared with saffron to enhance the taste.

Les pâtes à la Carbonara

Ce plat est l’un des plats italiens les plus populaires au monde. La recette culinaire de ce plat aimé par les petits et les plus grands est très facile à réaliser. Suivez la recette pour préparer de succulentes pâtes à la Carbonara.

The tiramisu

Tiramisu is a world famous dessert. Prepared with spoonfuls of cookies and filled with a smooth coffee or chocolate cream, this traditional Italian specialty is a real treat.


Trattoria Al Gazzettino

This restaurant located in Venice is chic and friendly. It offers traditional Italian cuisine.




Discover this restaurant located in Milan. It offers on the menu Italian and typical Milanese culinary specialties.


Al Vecchio 53

Discover this restaurant located in Naples. You will taste traditional Italian culinary dishes.


Pane e Salame

Through this restaurant, discover the traditional cuisine of Rome, famous for being one of the best in Italy.

Formalités d’entrée en Italie

Faire un voyage gastronomique en Italie fait rêver beaucoup de personnes. Pour réaliser ce rêve, il est important de connaitre les formalités d’entrer en Italie.

Ainsi, pour beaucoup de pays, le visa est obligatoire. Il faut faire une demande de visa d’Italie, sinon, si vous disposez déjà d’un visa Schengen, vous pouvez l’utiliser afin d’entrer en Italie.

A la frontière, en plus du passeport, on vous demandera généralement de présenter votre billet de retour, une preuve d’hébergement ou une réservation d’hôtel ainsi qu’une assurance voyage.


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