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What are the different types and categories of dishes?

Culinary art and gastronomy in general are divided into categories of dishes according to the ways, times and contents of the menu. The meal will generally consist of an hors d'oeuvre or appetizer, a starter, a soup, the main course and dessert.

In this page we will present the main types of dishes and in particular the dishes:

  • The most famous
  • Les plus populaires
  • The most expensive
  • The cheapest
  • Children's favourites
  • The most unusual

Famous dishes and recipes around the world


There are many regional recipes and gastronomic dishes from different countries. However, some of these dishes have become well known over the years and are now eaten in all four corners of the world. Here are some of the most famous culinary recipes in the world:




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Sushi from Japan

Enjoyed all over the world, Sushi is often a favourite. Although the basic recipe steps are the same, Sushi can be garnished in many different ways (raw fish, avocado, cucumber, etc.) there is something for everyone.

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Chicken curry from Massaman

This gourmet Thai recipe is a real treat. Spicy and juicy, this chicken recipe is easy to make. This is one of the most famous curry recipes in the world.


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Peking duck

A symbol of traditional Chinese cuisine, Peking Duck is a very popular and famous dish. Here is the traditional recipe for a juicy duck with a crispy skin.


Popular dishes and recipes around the world


Take a culinary journey from home by trying out these 3 recipes for popular and traditional gourmet dishes:

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Pizza Margarita

One of the most famous dishes in the world is the Pizza Margherita. The three colours of the basic ingredients of the Margherita - basil, mozzarella and tomato - represent the Italian flag. This dish is served in fast food outlets but also in great restaurants and is a real treat.


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Pad Thaï

Pad Thai is a popular Thai dish. It consists of noodles, vegetables and tofu. You can customise it and add other ingredients to suit your taste. Follow this recipe to make Pad Thai like a real Thai cook.


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Jerk Chicken jamaïcain

This is a culinary speciality that does not leave anyone indifferent. This traditional dish originates from the island of Jamaica. The recipe is rather simple. The chicken is first spiced and flavoured, then grilled and smoked. For more details follow our recipe.


Cheap dishes


Cooking fast food for less than €2? It's possible! If you want to prepare good and inexpensive dishes, follow these simple and inexpensive cooking recipes:

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Potato Omelette

The potato omelette is a quick and easy culinary recipe. It is very similar to the Spanish tortilla. This economical and protein-rich dish is ideal for a quick meal and is also delicious!



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The Croque-Monsieur is very popular with young and old alike. This dish is very easy to make, you just need a few ingredients and it's good! Perfect when you are tired.

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Rice, Tuna and Bean Salad

This is a delicious salad ideal for cooling off in summer. This tuna, rice and bean salad can be eaten as a starter or a main course. The advantage is that you can make a large quantity at a low cost.



Most expensive and luxurious dishes

After the cheapest dishes, discover, now, 3 refined luxury dishes prepared with choice ingredients for your greatest gustatory pleasure.

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Chicken with champagne, cream and morels in a casserole

Chicken with champagne is a real luxury dish and very tasty. The traditional recipe consists of chicken with a creamy morel reduction.




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Supreme of Bresse poultry with yellow wine and morels

This top-of-the-range dish is served in the most prestigious restaurants. The recipe perfectly harmonises the tastes and flavours of poultry and sheep.

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Sea bass with orange zest and champagne sauce

This is an elegant gourmet dish. This culinary recipe for sea bass with orange peel and champagne sauce can be prepared in 40 minutes. Ideal for surprising your guests.




Children's favourite recipes and dishes

Little ones also have their favourite dishes that they love! Discover 3 recipes that children love!

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Strawberry Crumble

Strawberry crumble is probably one of the most popular desserts for children. This dessert is crispy, soft and very tasty at the same time. Follow the steps to make it every time.





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The Cheeseburger

The cheeseburger is the must-have dish that kids love! Although it's the star of fast food, it's best when it's homemade with healthy meat and fresh cheese.

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Tuna Pancakes

Pancakes symbolise the return of sunshine and joy, which is probably why children love them. Discover this recipe for savoury pancakes with tuna filling to delight both young and old.




Most unusual dishes and recipes

Discover original and improbable dishes to test new combinations of flavours and surprise your guests.

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Grapefruit Risotto

This gastronomic dish is an explosion of flavour because it is both sweet and very acidic. Dare to try new flavours by making this recipe for Grapefruit Risotto.






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Cold beetroot soup

Enjoy the benefits of beetroot by making this cold beetroot soup in just a few steps. This dish is both healthy and delicious.

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Spaghetti with Apple

Here is an original recipe that you must try. Make this gourmet apple-based recipe to change the classic spaghetti and lighten up your meals.